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Fairmont High School Fairmont Minnesota























To assist program members in the development of

character, responsibility, and integrity

Make sure we all have FUN! We all need to be enjoying what we are doing!

Players can talk the coach about playing time--- NOT PARENTS

We will not transfer blame! This is not acceptable behavior!

Win as a team and lose as a team!

We are not an ENTITLEMENT program, everyone has a chance to move or down.

It is not how many hours you practice, but rather how much you put into those hours!!

Ever player has a ROLE on the team.

We need the GLADIATOR mentality--- if we play together as a TEAM we have a much better chance to win!!  Be Team Players

Honesty & Trust----- Between players and coaches

If it doesn't get done in the classroom, it probably won't get done on the field!

We have to have a positive attitude and give a constant effort to be successful.


If a player is disrespectful towards any coach or umpire they

will be disciplined at the digression of the coaching staff and athletic director!

Unexcused absences will not be tolerated! We are committed to you

so you should be committed to us and your teammates!!

No player does or says anything derogatory

towards the other team or their fans!



Show Class!


Offensive Philosophy: 

1) Pressure the defense, be aggressive

2) Force the defense to field the ball

3) Bunting makes a difference

4)Score in the first inning


Defensive Philosophy:

1) 1 error or less a game

2) 3 walks or less

3) 60% first pitch strikes

4) 5th thru 7th inning get first batter out

5) 1st inning shut out.


Three things make up a persons abilities--

His knowledge, His skill and his attitude. 

ATTITUDE can make up for the lack of the other two!!!!!!


Coach Jim R Utermarck

"It's a great day to be a Cardinal"




Joel Armbrust, John Jorgensen, Albert&Muriel Armbrust,

Diane Korte, Kim Armbrust, Deanne Luhmann, Marilyn & Bruce Klutz,

Ryan Gellert, David Rosin, Sally Chirpich, Randy & Lori Chirpich,

Spencer Chirpich, Nate Behrens, Paul Eneglby, Margean Rosin,

Scott Meadows, Cari Meyer, Fairmont Family Dentistry,  

Dennis Williamson, Steve Harris, Lynn Harris, Donna Erickson,

Perry Harris, LaVonne Harris, Lola Majeske, Jeff Majeske,

Brad Gerhardt, Farin & Paul Sandoz, Mark Jacobson, Kaylynn Origer,

Jeff Ehlert, Kim Ehlert, Jade Ehlert, Matt Cole, Cindy Johnson,

Lisa Ellingson, Connie Kettner, Velma Walters, Mark A. Walters,

Tom Seifert, Rick & Norma Padgett, Gary Oskerson, Marlene North,

JM Manufacturing,  Jane Myers, Enderson Clothing,   Kevin Walser,

Marnie Walser, Walser True Value, Christina Oanes, Cade Lehr,

Kara Lehr,Jane Shaffer, Jim Johnson, Tony Rosener, Dale Splinter,

Cindy Johnson, Larry LaJoh, Connie Kettwich, Bev Korolewski,

David Waterstadt, Barb Williamson, Fairmont Sentinel, Rex Hernes,

Kim Niss, Lisa Rank, Karen Thate, Doug Petersen, Tom Mahoney,

Jim Hallstrom, Nicole Padgett, Armulio DaSilva, Ben Hockel, 

Myron & Jackie Lueth, Emily Lueth, Bill & Margaret Hinrichs,

Jack & Jean Doolittle,  Jess Doolittle, Dwayne & Jan Rieland,

Violet Lueth, Mike Bissen, Marlin Wrucke, Ian Bents, Drew Iverson,

Rod& Peg Elbert, Kate Kallenbach, James Waterbury, Pam Cronk,

Bruce Peters, Greg Hanson, Drew Warren, Kathy Smith,

Herb & Elaine Krueger, Brad&Teresa Berhow, Tera Ofstie,

Tim & Julie Clements, Linsie Sanger, Viola Kelly, Jim Hansen,

Dan & Jane Gustafson, Matt Martinson, On The Wall, For Old Times Sake,

J & R Drug, Sovell Jewelry, Jakes Pizza, Southland Sanitation,

Bryan's Pharmacy, Thompson Haugen Jewelers, Poppe's 66,

C.C. Andersen, Roger & Lynn Kroon, Gene & Andy Tonne,

Chris Andersen, Preston &Sandy Andersen, Jim Marushin,

Morgan Marushin, Lori Marushin, Jim Marushin Jr,  Ruth Engelby,

Jerry & Pat Nasalroad, Seth & Amy Becker, Steve Fogelson,

Bruce & Bev Tenney,Roger & Barb Ehrreich, Orra Eckmann,

Jim & Sara Utermarck, Gary Andersen, Deb Foster, Ben Kain,

Betty Wiederhoft, Brad Anderson, Steph & Rich Johnson,

Mary Sue Lenort, Alice Struss, Molly Struss, Kai Struss,

Mildred Peterson, Lyn Kettwich, Randi Meyeraan,  Jake Peymann,

Brenda Fellersen, Ashley Plathe, Misty Asmus, Carolyn Schulze,

Tom Hawkins, Kathy Hawkins, Carol Pierce, Joice Foster,

Janet Ruth, Kay Schellpeper, Mike Schulze, Mark Craven, Rita Craven,

Ralph Reike, Brian Peterson, David Husset, Don Gaville

Thank You for your generous donations!!!

Jim R Utermarck


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